Hi, I'm Becky! Nice to meet you!

Do you need a writer who crafts engaging narratives, possesses an eye for detail, and can adapt their writing style and tone to fit your target audience? Well, you found me!

I’m a Texas-based freelance writer with a BA in journalism and more than two years of experience writing scripts for YouTubers.

I cover various topics according to my client's niche: video games, true crime, personal development, and more.

I’ve written scripts for multiple YouTube channels, including MetaSquad, Beyond Evil, CrazyMarioBros, and Criminal Files.

In addition to my passion for YouTube scriptwriting, I'm equally adept at crafting engaging feature articles that captivate readers and tell compelling stories

Here’s what some of my clients have to say about my work:

Becky is a talented scriptwriter who goes above and beyond in her research. She asks follow-up questions, takes diligent notes, and strives to create a script that will shine through in the final product. Highly recommend her for all projects.
Ray Alva, MetaSquad

Becky is a very amazing and eloquent scriptwriter. She is very strategic with how she creates her scripts and tries her best to make sure her clients are satisfied with the work she writes for them. Her communication skills are unmatched by any other writer I have worked with but her attention to detail is even greater. She makes sure to research and fact-check each line of the script and makes sure all aspects of the story are accurate/correct. She is also an amazing storyteller and knows how to create a picture in the viewer's mind. I would HIGHLY recommend everyone to use her services because she will ensure that the job gets done at the highest expectation possible for her clients.
Colin G, Criminal Files

Becky’s Scripts are perfect. I know that when I see she wrote it, it will be an easy read where I can concentrate more on my performance than on the script. Her great writing makes my job easier and the audience experience better!
Jason Forbis, Beyond Evil

Her exceptional talent and dedication left an indelible mark on our team and content. Becky consistently displayed an impressive ability to craft compelling narratives, bringing true crime stories to life in a captivating and engaging manner. Her meticulous research, attention to detail, and knack for storytelling elevated our videos, garnering praise from our audience.
Vedant Jadhav, Beyond Evil